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Use the buttons to access our jobs and training courses and to log in or sign up. You are able to apply for jobs and a place on training courses directly from Asbestos Jobs Online.


Open a Jobseeker account and showcase your particular skills and experience to the employers that use the site. You can be chosen for and offered work directly from the website and when you are employed (and if applicable), you will have access to your timesheets and exposure record directly from your own personal records area.

Your certificates can be verified on the site by the issuers, and employers will see a 'V' symbol when this has been done. You will also earn points for every hour you work with an AJO employer. These points are redeemable against various services such as training courses.

The AJO Jobseekers Account

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AJO For Jobseekers

Removers, Supervisors, Analysts, Surveyors, Managers, Admin staff.

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  • Build an online CV
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  • View your Timesheets 
  • View your Exposure Record
  • Earn points redeemable against services


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