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The AJO Employers Account:
Designed to simplify the whole of a LARC's Asbestos Removal process.

The AJO Difference

Our unique software platform has been designed to make the administration of asbestos removal
as uncomplicated and headache-free as possible for the LARC. We use cloud-based, paperless
technology to produce and store all of your project records including: Timesheets, Exposure
Records, TNA Records, Purchase Orders etc., but we also offer many more benefits
than just producing / storing your Records and ensuring your ongoing Compliance.

Our system has built-in Rating and referencing to take the guesswork out of who will turn up.
Our TNA visuals tell you what type of asbestos work candidates have carried out previously
and AJO can handle Permanent staff, Temporary staff or a seamless combination of both.

Please see the brief 'nuts and bolts' overview below and contact us for more information
on the additional benefits AJO can offer to help make your life easier.

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Fill in, submit and store employee timesheets with all the neccesary compliance information. These can be done in multiple batches or singly. Timesheets can be accessed in the Employer, Supervisor and Compliance account sections. 


Manage every aspect of your asbestos removal labour function from your employers  account. Every office can have its own account with Head Office having access to every location. The head office monitor account is called the AJO Compliance Account.


Check the current and past exposure records of all your employees engaged in asbestos removal. You can check the past exposure of operatives before they became your employees and monitor the ongoing records when they are employed by you.


Open Supervisor accounts from directly within your area and appoint a Supervisor to manage the day to day aspects of a project. You can monitor all the Supervisor accounts. You can appoint as many supervisors as your company needs.


The AJO system ensures compliance with all HSE and HMRC legislation with regard to removal employee status.  The company employs its workers through AJO and our systems handle ALL the required documentation including the payroll function.


If conditions are the same for each operative, multiple timesheets can be produced and submitted in batches, saving time and effort. If parameters are different for other employees, individual timesheets can be produced. Operatives can also produce timesheets themselves which the supervisor then checks, edits as neccessary, and submits.


Every aspect of managing a project can be handled using AJO Employer Accounts.  Each office has an individual account with head office having an account with access to all of the work being carried out by regional offices. This is called the AJO Compliance Account.


Exposure Records are available for all candidates employed by an AJO employer. The record runs from the first day of employment and can be searched in twelve week blocks or by selecting individual week-ending dates. The exposure record is always up to date.  


You can appoint as many supervisors as you have projects from inside the AJO employer account. Each supervisor is assigned to a project and has responsibilty for producing timesheets, sending RAMS, Toolbox Talk and H&S communications etc., to employees. All of these functions are carried out from within the supervisor account.

HMRC and HSE Compliance with AJO

Click the button below for access to the current legislation and to see how AJO will keep your organisation compliant.

Regulation 8 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, requires an employer to hold a licence granted by HSE, in order to undertake 'licensable work with asbestos' (as defined in regulation 2). It therefore follows that those removers carrying out the work will be directly employed employees of that removal company. The term of employment can be for different lengths of time - it does not mean a permanent member of staff.

Abstracted From the HSE ALAARG Document, Page 12, section 68.The use of 'self-employed' people is not permissible, as a self- employed person would require a licence in their own right, and would be directly in control of their work. Genuinely self-employed persons would be working entirely under their own control and direction and those individuals would need their own personal licence to undertake the work with asbestos and as such, would be required to notify the work in accordance with standard licence conditions. HSE has not granted any such individual licences as it is not possible to carry out licensable work with asbestos as an individual working alone. It is an offence for anyone to remove licensed asbestos material without a license.

Communication from Archie Mitchell, the head of the HSE Asbestos Licensing Unit, confirming the HSE position on enforcement

Communication from Archie Mitchell outlining the HSE position on employment status

Archie Mitchell speaking about Short Term Employment at the ARCA AGM, 6th October 2017

Guidance on Asbestos Licensing and Employment Status.

From 6 April 2016 employers and workers will be subject to SDC to determine employment status in a collection of legislation that has become known as the 'agency legislation'. HMRC define SDC as follows: Supervision is someone overseeing a person doing work, to ensure that person is doing the work they are required to do and it is being done correctly to the required standard. Supervision can also involve helping the person where appropriate in order to develop their skills and knowledge. Direction is someone making a person carry out work in a certain way by providing them with instructions, guidance, or advice as to how the work must be done. Someone providing direction will often co-ordinate how the work is done as it is being undertaken. Control is dictating what work a person does and how they go about doing that work. Control also includes having the power to move the person from one job to another. The latest SDC guidance from HMRC

Amendments, included where appropriate, introduce provisions to transfer the liability for PAYE & NICs to the directors of a limited company (or the members of a limited liability partnership), if that business is deemed to be the workers' employer for the purposes of this legislation and has failed or defaulted in payment.
If you are a director, manager or secretary of a business which fails to pay National Insurance Contributions ("NIC") and HM Revenue & Customs ("HMRC") consider that non-payment was due to your fraud or neglect then they can issue you with a Personal Liability Notice ("PLN").
The effect of the PLN is dramatic: liability for the company's unpaid NIC (plus interest and penalties) transfers from the company to you personally. INS44251 - Personal Liability Notice.

The extension of HMRC enforcement powers with relation to corporate offences of failure to prevent facilitation of tax evasion, is outlined in Part Three of the Criminal Finances Act 2017

"HMRC do not consider a signed declaration from the worker that simply states they are not subject to (or to a right of) supervision, direction, or control by anyone constitutes sufficient evidence for the purposes of the Agency Legislation." (Abstract rrom HMRC ESM2042 Legislation). "HMRC may recover tax and NICs from the agency if they are unable to produce satisfactory evidence when requested to do so by HMRC." (Abstract rrom HMRC ESM2037 Legislation).

Using Asbestos Jobs Online ensures all HMRC and HSE legislation is met. We enable employers to recruit, administer and directly employ their own staff, including the provision of contracts of employment, distribution of license and insurance certificates, RAMS and a PAYE payroll service that includes the administration of holiday pay, employers liability insurance and auto-enrolment procedures for pension, as well as interim and year end summaries. Furthermore our service also links employees HMRC information between employers for easier handling of migratory workers P45's / 60's etc., making the transition between employers a seamless process. Our systems ensure that there is no more workload placed on the LARC than when agency workers are used but there can be no HMRC or HSE comeback; every stage of the process is compliant with legislation. We also offer a factoring solution to help with cash-flow, contact AJO to find more


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